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Energy Efficiency

We all understand the importance of energy efficiency. The rising cost of electricity is more prevalent than ever.
When you decide to buy an airconditioning system you should take into account that not all systems operate as efficiently as each other.

How do you navigate through information to get the most efficient system.

Here are a few steps to help make this easier.

  1. Ask for written assurance the system is sized for your needs and ensure your quoted the net rated capacity in kW as per AS/NZS3823.1.2
  2. Request and compare each units E.E.R and C.O.P. Generally, the higher the numbers, the higher the efficiency.
  3. An Inverter unit is not neccesarily more efficient. Inverters work efficiently around the middle of there capacity range. The efficiency decreases as they reach the rated capacity and continues to decrease as they reach maximum capacity.
  4. Digital scroll compressors are fitted into the most advanced systems. This simple method of capacity control is highly energy efficient. Systems with digital scrolls operate between 10% and 100% capacity.
  5. ECM fan motors operate with improved efficiency, low noise and adjust airflow to suit the amount of zones required. Systems with ECM fans deliver between 20% to 100% of airflow where required as opposed to standard fans which have a constant speed.
  6. Vav or Variable air volume systems. Individual temperature controls in each room control the capacity of the compressor and the air flow  providing superior comfort for occupants and higher levels of efficiency.

The Ducted ESP range from Actron air are fitted with the latest technology and provide superior levels of comfort and energy efficiency.

If it’s a Ducted system you’re after then check out the  Australian made Actron air range.

Click here to view their Energy Efficient Comparison Chart from Actron Air.

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