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Regular services and maintenance on your Air conditioning system is important so that your system is always performing to its full capacity.
Like most vehicles, a regular service on your unit allows our technicians to keep your system running smoothly, efficiently and extend the life of your system.

The regularity of these services will be dependent on numerous factors regarding use, environment and the systems compatibility in relation to its location and disposition.
In general, we recommend a domestic system to be serviced twice yearly; on the onset of summer and winter to ensure your unit is running at its optimum capacity heading into our peak season times.
Commercial systems can vary anywhere from bi-annually to monthly, also dependant on varying factors and conditions.

Over time, the filters on all Air conditioners will become blocked or congested from continued use which will start to affect the performance of your unit.
Regular cleaning of these filters will allow your unit to perform at its peak and ensure the health and quality of your system.
Whilst performing a filter clean, we will also run through numerous other checks as listed:

  1. Check system operation.
  2. Check refrigerant levels.
  3. Check electrical connections within the unit.
  4. Check filters and clean filters.
  5. Check and clear drain.
  6. Check zoning operation.
  7. Check ductwork condition.
  8. Check fans and bearings.
  9. Check coil condition.
  10. Check for corrosion.

At the completion of your service, you will be provided with a Service Report detailing the work carried out. We will also advise on any current conditions within your system, foreseeable issues and advice/ hints and tips on how to get the best performance from your unit.
Clark Air conditioning can tailor servicing to meet your requirements and budget and will be happy to supply you a free quote.


Our qualified technicians are experienced in fault diagnoses and repair for all types of airconditioning from single wall type through to commercial HVAC.


We stock and can source parts for most brands of airconditioning systems.
Simply contact us for pricing and availability.